The World of Grindlewood


Grindlewood was always special and for many years it was a peaceful and happy place. The locals, magical and non-magical, thrived in such lovely surroundings. The big old house was built over two hundred years ago one of the Grindles’ ancestors, or so the story goes. He and his descendants lived happily in the house, and they nurtured a beautiful garden for all to enjoy. When the last Mr. Grindle died the house lay empty for years until a relative was found who had the right to claim the house. One day, the young Grindle family did just that.


The Ancient Book of Magic is an huge collection of magical information. It contains among other curious things, a wealth of spells, potions and defenses against dark magic. It is a complete history of all the ancient magic of the Wandeleis, passed down from queen to queen throughout time. Every great Wandelei witch and wizard who ever lived, contributed their specialist knowledge to this amazing book. It is beautifully adorned with inscriptions, diagrams and illustrious artwork, all bound in the most beautiful leather cover with intricate gold lettering. The one great book is made up of four books: The Book of Potions & Spells, The Book of Wisdom, The Book of Light and the Book of Darkness.

The Crystal Key

The crystal key belongs to the Forest Queen, but she entrusted it to Wanda when the young witch left the safety of the Wandeleis hideout to seek answers to some very difficult problems. Imbued with powerful magic - the details of which are largely unknown - the crystal key is of the utmost importance to the clan. Some very unsavoury characters know this and want it badly. It is crucial to the Wandeleis’ Renewal Charm, where every twenty one years the clan must renew their magic, or lose it! The key has a number of other powers too which will slowly be revealed.

The Secret Scroll

This hidden scroll contains the only spell in the world that can destroy the wicked warlock Worfeus, who is determined to destroy Grindlewood in his search to find the true source of the Wandeleis’ power – rumoured to be somewhere close to the huge, wild garden. Wanda wrote the super-spell and hid the scroll safely. It is not known whether the scroll contains any other spells or not, and its secret location is at the centre of the first exciting quest.

The Fairy House and Well

After the wicked warlock tracked her down in the forest, Wanda had to leave and set up home in a tiny cottage, ‘the fairy house’ at the end of Grindlewood garden. The little well still sits beside the cottage, complete with its cracked bucket and wonky pulley. Wanda used a cloaking spell to hide both house and well from the outside world, to keep both herself and her garden friends safe for as long as she could. She lived there for a while, largely undisturbed, working on her secret potions and spells, hoping to find a counter spell for her distraught queen, a super-spell to defeat the wicked Worfeus - and something else.

The Forest Queen

The Forest Queen is the leader of the Wandeleis. She was dreadfully cursed by Worfagus the Warmonger, leader of the Warfagons many years ago. The queen’s professors have failed to produce a counter spell and time is running out to renew their magic. The Wandeleis may need some outside help before their magic fails, their secrets are discovered and their queen descends into madness. Despite protests from her advisers, the Forest Queen decides to enlist the help of the worthy, something the Wandeleis have never done before, but it is a risk the queen is prepared to take.

The Wandelei Clan

The Wandeleis were a peace-loving clan of magical people, were famous for their gentleness and ancient magic. They lived by a strict code of non-violence, and only used their magic for the good of others. The reigning queen must choose her successor after a maximum reign of fifty years. It is said that their magical powers came from an ancient source, but no one is quite sure what that source is, or where it might be. Many have tried to find it and failed. Their history goes right back to the rule of the Ancients, whose laws must be obeyed at all costs.

The Worfagon Clan

The Worfagons were the complete opposite of the Wandeleis. For many centuries the two powerful and intelligent clans lived in peace and harmony. Then, one wicked ruler, Worton, the Merciless, decided to change all that. He waged war on the Wandeleis, obsessed with forcing them to yield to his authority and join them, or face the consequences: war until every last Wandelei was dead. Naturally, the Wandeleis refused, and so began the centuries of war. After routing the Forest Queen’s palace and putting her under a terrible curse, the warring Worfagons rampaged across the land, eventually falling into dissarray and fighting amongst themselves. But a few particularly nasty characters had evil plans of their own to carry out.

The Treasure Trove

The clever pets stumble upon this exciting find, hidden for years in Grindlewood garden. After finding the treasure and hiding it again, Timber leads the children directly to it, believing that they can help with finding out what the treasures are for, what they can do and who they belong to. The children are very excited about this find but they quickly realise that they are very important items. They hide and guard them carefully, all the while wondering if they are enchanted, who they belong to - and who else might be looking for them.

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