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Book 5 Out NOW!

The Grindlewood Army is back!


The children and their pets have found Othelia's mysterious and powerful orb, but they must keep its whereabouts secret to stop it falling under Worfagon control.


The Wandeleis are still recovering from a crushing defeat at the hands of the sorceress Zora. Another attack could spell the end for Grindlewood.  Timber holds the key to its future. To succeed he must keep a heart-breaking promise and perhaps pay a terrible price.


The race is on to unlock the power of Othelia's Orb, but what strange magic does it hold? Does the orb itself pose the biggest threat of all?

A FAntasy SERIES For Children Aged 8+

'A spell, a quest and the bravest dog in the world.'

The Secrets of Grindlewood tells the story of the Jamie and Jemima Grindle, Timber and Teddy as they battle Worfeus the Warlock.



Sue Leonard, The Examiner

"The Verdict. A classic tale to delight readers aged eight to 12."


Nathan - Aged 9

"I thought The Secrets of Grindlewood was awesome and now I can't wait for the next one to come out.  If you like magic, action, and adventure in a book I think that the Secrets of Grindlewood would be a book for you"

Book 1

Book cover for The Secrets of Grindlewood Book 1

Book 2

Book cover for The Secrets of Grindlewood Book 2: The Secret Scroll

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The Story Continues

Book 3: The Queen's Quest

After years of suffering under the Worfagon ‘tree spell’, the Queen is now bitter and angry. She is obsessed with Jamie’s beautiful dog, Timber and she threatens to keep him for herself, unless the children agree to come to her aid. They must find the lost Ancient Book of Magic, which holds powerful spells that can free her.


Timber the brave malamute dog once again leads Jamie, Jemima and their loyal band of pets in a hair-raising adventure.

Book 4: Zora's Revenge


The banished sorceress Zora has returned and she is hungry for revenge. The peace-loving Wandeleis must prepare to battle their new enemy, but their magic is still unstable, and a traitor is close to uncovering their most precious secret. Zora’s evil allies have already stolen the gold key and vital pages from the Ancient Book of Magic. They each have a secret plan of their own, but can they set aside their rivalries and unite to conquer Grindlewood?


On their most perilous quest so far, the children and their pets must save Grindlewood from Zora and her scheming followers. Can the Wandeleis survive another deadly attack? How will the children defeat such dark magic? And what is Timber’s troubling secret?


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What inspired Grindlewood?

Hear me chatting to the Morning Show host Declan Meehan about The Secrets of Grindlewood: The Secret Scroll, Book 2 in the series. 


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