Jackie Burke

Jackie Burke, author of The Secrets of Grindlewood series of books for children

Jackie grew up with her sister and three brothers in Dublin, Ireland. She had dreamed of becoming a writer since she was a little girl but other things (like work, sport and baking) kept getting in the way. Once she started writing "The Secrets of Grindlewood" she was entranced by the world appearing at her fingertips. What started as one book quickly turned into a series of five.


“The Secrets of Grindlewood” is inspired by all that Jackie loves in nature; gardens, forests, wildlife and especially cats and dogs. Book 1 in the “Grindlewood” series was her first outing as an author. Book 2 was published in 2014 and Book 3 in 2015. Book 4 will be available in Autumn 2016.


Jackie and her husband live in Bray, County Wicklow, where they share their home with a big, fluffy cat. 






I’m pleased to let you know about an upcoming change in the distribution arrangements for “The Secrets of Grindlewood” series. From 1st AUGUST 2016, all books in “The Secrets of Grindlewood” series will be available from Gill Distribution, Dublin. The contact email in Gills is: sales@gill.ie.

Fintan Taite

A big Thank You! to my very talented illustrator, Fintan Taite, whose art work brought my characters so beautifully to life. To see more of Fintan's illustrations please follow the link below. 



Robert Doran

Every author needs a great editor. A patient, thoughtful expert who guides their work in the right direction! For more information on Robert Doran follow the link below.